5 Corset Care Tips – Love Your Corset Right

Loving Your Corset Correctly – 5 Key Corset Care Tips

So, you have purchased the corset of your dreams. Now what? These 5 tips will help guide you in your quest to care for our new corset correctly. Whether you have one or many, you want your corsets to last as long as possible, to look good, and to make YOU look good, too! Read on, dear corset lover. We <3 you, and we <3 your corsets.

#1 Break it in slowly!


Steel Magnolia Underbust by Corset Connection

Your corset , if well made, is not “delicate” per say, but it is a garment, not armor! Immediately lacing it tightly without properly molding it to your body is not only an unnecessary strain on your corset, but it’s downright uncomfortable. Check out Lucy’s Corsetry. Her miniseries offers a fabulous tutorial on breaking in, or “seasoning” your corset.

– Don’t “tight lace” right away! When wearing a new corset, loosen gently until it’s snug as a hug, but not super duper tight! You may see gaps at first at the top and/or bottom. This is normal, and will assist in molding the corset to your curves nicely.
– Take it slowly. Try wearing your corset for just a one hour/day, working your way up to 2 hours, 3 hours, and so on.
– BE PATIENT. We all want our corsets to fit perfectly right away, but that is just simply not how it works. Properly seasoning your corset is not only better for your corset’s longevity and more comfortable for you, but it will help your corset enhance your natural curves to the fullest.

#2 Let Her Breathe

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When you take your corset off for the day, please-o-please, do not put it in a box! Do not crumple it, do not fold it up, do not roll it up and toss it in your underwear drawer! Proper airing out and storage of your corset (after she has worked hard all day for you), is imperative. Tips:

– Unclasp, lace loosely, and hang it – liner side up. To do this, tie your laces in a loose bow, and fold your corset over a hanger. When your corset is damp/warm, you don’t want to fold and store, as you may end up with creases and indents instead of it keeping its shape.
– Leave hanging corsets in a cool, dry, aired place. Dehumidifiers are a corset’s BFF!
– We recommend owning several corsets, and rotating between them. Whether wearing daily or just occasionally, giving your corsets at least 24 hours to rest after a long wear is a sure way to increase the corset’s life.

#3 Wear a Protective Layer When Possible


Corset Liner by Corset Connection

Wearing a protective layer is an easy way to keep your corset from getting stained with sweat, dirt, etc. Decreasing staining and moisture not only keeps your corset looking great, but it will last longer, as well. Options:

– A thin tank top or cotton undershirt.
– For special occasions, pick out full-length lingerie, such as Corset Connection’s Corset Teddy, or a full length satin slip.
– For everyday use, Corset Connection’s Corset Liners are a great option, and they are versatile and stretchy enough so you can wear them with both underbust and overbust corsets.

#4 Loosen Before You Cinch!


Victorian Riding Corset by Corset Connection

This may seem obvious to some, but alas, many times have we seen people just untie their laces, then pull, pull, pull to try and get their busk (the clasps) closed. Oh! It pains us. Please:

– Unhook all the clasps on the busk, then untie the laces.
– Loosen laces thoroughly, as much as is needed to quite easily close the busk. You should never have to strain to close the clasps! Pull the ā€œXā€™sā€ from the center pull loops, working your way to the top and bottom of the corset. Great example here!
– Please, we strongly encourage you to watch Lucy’s Video on breaking in or “seasoning” your corset.

#5 Clean with Care


English Maid Costume by Corset Connection

Never put your corset in a washing machine, and never submerge it in water! The following methods will work well to keep your corset fresh, and looking lovely:

– You may dry clean, but always seek out a dry cleaner that has experience with corsets. They are out there, there are more of them than you think, and simply asking before letting them handle your precious, gorgeous piece is VERY worth it.
– When needed, spot clean with detergent. Use minimal amounts of water and soap.
-Many maintain their corsets’ fresh and clean feeling by using a lightly scented fabric spray. Give it a little mist before hanging up to air out.

Overall, corset lovers, just keep in mind that the more LOVE you show your corset, the more she will love you back. <3


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